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Commercial Property Consultancy

For businesses with commercial property leasing, negotiations and commercial tenancy rights.

Partner with Thrive Commercial, to Support Your Growing Business Brand.

 With a combined 40+ years of commercial lease and property management expertise across Australia, Thrive Commercial is positioned to support your business' growth and expansion. As your Specialist Commercial Property Consultant we can assist you at every stage of your Property Lease Lifecycle from finding your new business 'home', to negotiating terms and management of your lease throughout the term and beyond.  Our expertise can assist you with:


Understanding your broader business direction is important as we can determine the level of commercial lease support you need. Our Lease Health Check provides an opportunity for your current lease to be reviewed. This includes a review of critical dates, reconciliation of your cost liability under the lease against your ledger and recommendations for recovery of any overpayments. 

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Not sure of who is responsible for what under the lease? Our depth of knowledge and expertise enables us to explain in layman's terms what the important lease clauses mean and how they impact you. We can provide you with a lease abstraction, highlighting the key terms for your records, and critical dates to be actioned. We're here to support your success.

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Renewing your commercial lease provides continuity for both you and the landlord.  In some instances, we can negotiate more favourable terms for your next lease term.  Lease negotiation is a specific skill and like most things, the more you do, the better you become. Our depth of knowledge and expertise enables us to discuss and negotiate with ease, while ensuring a positive commercial relationship with your landlord throughout the process.

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With your commercial lease, you will need to evaluate whether to 'STAY' - negotiate a renewal or, 'GO' - negotiate a new lease in a new location.  This process can be lengthy and challenging. With many business considerations, we can undertake a Stay-Go Cost-Benefit Analysis, providing you with financial, economic and market-driven data to help you make the right decision for your business growth. We recommend this process is completed 12+ months before the expiry of your lease to allow adequate time to consider your options.

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Your business needs may change over time and your existing lease may no longer work for your business. In some instances you may not be able to exit the lease immediately. We review your current business space to determine other options such as surrendering, assigning or subleasing all or part of your space.  We can assist you with the process of finding a suitable replacement tenant acceptable to the landlord and negotiate the terms of your new arrangement.

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Commercial property rents can fluctuate from one year to another.  Market reviews allow the parties to re-assess the applicable rent for the premises so that it keeps pace with the market.  Whether you have a long-term lease with renewal options, or are mid-term of your lease, we can negotiate with the landlord on your behalf to ensure you are not paying above market.

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