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Ending a Commercial Lease

Supporting you to meet your changing business requirements with a lease surrender or a lease assignment.

Lease Exit Strategies

We understand that unforeseen circumstances or changes in your business, impacts your ability to remain in your current commercial lease. In some instances, your ability to successfully exit your existing lease, can be determined by the terms of your lease, your current business situation, or market conditions. 

Like other forms of negotiation, successfully exiting a legally binding agreement is a specialist skill. As your Specialist Commercial Property Consultant, Thrive Commercial is experienced in negotiating lease exits and lease restructures, to ensure an acceptable outcome for both parties. We help you with:


Landlords are commercial people too. They are aware of the changing nature of business, and in some instances, are willing to negotiate an early termination of a lease. Having an experienced independent advocate acting on your behalf can reduce stress and streamline the process. While maintaining professionalism, Thrive Commercial seek to achieve a mutually agreeable outcome.

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Your business needs may change over time and your existing lease may no longer work for your business. In some instances, you may not be able to exit the lease immediately. We review your current business space to determine other options such as surrendering, assigning or, subleasing all or part of your space. We can assist you with the process of finding a suitable replacement tenant acceptable to the landlord, and negotiate the terms of your new arrangement.

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If successful in sourcing a replacement tenant, we can negotiate the terms of the lease assignment between the landlord, your business and the replacement tenant. In this matter, Thrive Commercial seek to reduce your pain by simplifying the process, while maintaining a positive commercial relationship between all parties. 

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