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Finding your ideal commercial property

Transitioning your business to a new commercial lease. 

Sourcing a New Commercial Property to Lease

Whether sourcing your first commercial lease or transitioning to your next commercial property, there is much to consider. From contractual obligations, personal guarantors, bond payments, car parking and more, all require valuable time, research and knowledge.   

 As your Specialist Commercial Property Consultant, Thrive Commercial can walk this business transition with you.  With 40+ years of commercial property negotiation, we have the knowledge to support you at each key step. Our services include:


We need to first understand your business requirements. Our Business Health Checklist provides insights into your ideal operation, such as geographic and floor space needs, access and trading hour necessities, business amenities and fitout requirements. This analysis sets the foundation for your ideal commercial lease.

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From the Business Analysis, we establish a Site Search Brief which is shared across our professional property network. Utilising our industry connections, we take advantage of off-market opportunities while conducting our own in-house searches. We short-list and present to you to view. Inspections of selected sites can then be arranged on your behalf. 

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Once you have selected a site, we complete a Property Lease Due Diligence to ensure there are no surprises. This step will include a review of charges, lease clauses and critical date events.  As no two leases are alike, we walk you through the entire process, ensuring you have a sound understanding of the lease agreement. 

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We negotiate the terms of your lease on your behalf, ensuring a favourable outcome for your business and a positive commercial relationship with your landlord.

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Not sure of who is responsible for what is covered in the lease? Our depth of knowledge and expertise enables us to explain in layman's terms what the important lease clauses mean and how they impact you. We're here to support your success. 

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