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Commercial Lease Dispute Resolution

Communicating and maintaining a mutually positive outcome.

Establishing a Peaceful Resolution

Disputes can arise between a tenant and a landlord from a disagreement regarding the agreed commercial lease. It is very important for any business to ensure they have negotiated a lease which works for their business, and understand their agreed obligations. In some circumstances that's not always the case.

Communication is vital during these challenging times. As your Specialist Commercial Property Consultant, we have the experience to negotiate and communicate on your behalf. We take a structured approach to working through the lease determining the best outcome for both parties. Thrive Commercial can support you through: 


If you have fallen into rent arrears, this can impact your obligations under your commercial lease. As soon as you fall into arrears you will receive late notices from the landlord, requesting payment to be made and provide reasons for late payment. Utilising our negotiation skills, we can communicate with the landlord on your behalf and establish an agreed repayment plan to avoid being in default under your lease.

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There may be situations that arise beyond the control of the landlord or yourself that affects the commercial lease agreement. When extraordinary circumstances occur outside the agreement, it's important to determine responsibility.  With 40+ years of negotiation experience, we have the capability to discuss these issues on your behalf and ensure a mutually agreeable outcome.

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Like other forms of negotiation, successfully exiting a legally binding agreement is a specialist skill. As your Specialist Commercial Property Consultant, Thrive Commercial is experienced in negotiating lease exits and lease restructures, ensuring an acceptable outcome for both parties. 

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