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What is a Commercial Tenant Advocate?

Date Published: 15 Jun '23

What is a Commercial Tenant Advocate?

A Commercial Tenant Advocate is a professional or company that specialises in tenant representation and advocating for the rights and interests of business owners who lease Commercial Real Estate. Their primary role is to assist and support tenants in various aspects of their commercial leasing needs and negotiate with landlords or property managers on their behalf.

Commercial Tenant Advocates provide comprehensive commercial leasing services to businesses that lease industrial, retail, or office space, regardless of whether it is a standalone site, part of an industrial estate, shopping centre or local shopping strip.

Services for Commercial Tenant Advocacy

The range of services offered by Commercial Tenant Advocates can include:

  • New Site Lease Search: Assisting tenants in finding suitable commercial space to rent that align with their business requirements.
  • Due diligence: Conducting thorough assessment and analysis of potential lease agreements to ensure tenants make informed decisions.
  • Commercial Lease Negotiation: Engaging in negotiations with landlords or property managers to secure favourable lease terms and conditions on behalf of the tenant.
  • Commercial Lease Analysis and Review: Evaluating existing lease agreements to identify opportunities to improve outcomes, enhance profitability and address areas of concern.
  • Commercial Lease Renewal/Market review: Assisting tenants in navigating lease renewals or market rent reviews to ensure fair and competitive terms.
  • Space adjustments: Advising tenants on options for space modifications, expansions, or downsizing to accommodate changing business needs.
  • Commercial Lease Surrender/Assignment: Guiding tenants through the process of terminating leases or transferring them to new tenants.
  • Make-good negotiation: Managing discussions with landlords regarding lease obligations related to restoring the premises to its original condition depending on the terms of the lease.
  • Commercial Lease Dispute Resolution: Representing tenants in landlord dispute resolution processes, including rent disputes, maintenance issues, or breaches of lease agreements.
  • Commercial Property Portfolio Management: Providing strategic guidance and administration for a tenant's commercial property portfolio, ensuring optimisation of lease terms, cost savings, and alignment with business goals.

Commercial Tenant Advocates possess extensive knowledge of commercial lease agreements and current market conditions. This expertise enables them to provide valuable insights and guidance to tenants, ensuring their leasing decisions align with their business objectives.

The primary goal of a Commercial Tenant Advocate is to protect and promote the best interests of their clients. They work closely with tenants, understanding their specific needs and objectives, and providing strategic leasing advice and representation. By acting as a tenant representative, the Advocate aims to achieve optimal outcomes for the tenant while maintaining positive relationships with landlords or property management.

Engaging a Commercial Tenant Advocate allows tenants to leverage their expertise, lease negotiation skills, and industry knowledge to secure favourable lease terms, resolve landlord disputes efficiently, and ensure fair treatment in their commercial lease dealings. By engaging a Commercial Tenant Advocate, tenants can minimise the time and effort required to address leasing matters, reducing potential business disruptions and financial losses.

Let’s Talk About Your Tenant Representation

If you are a tenant and need assistance with negotiating terms for a commercial premises, resolving a landlord dispute or looking to outsource your commercial property portfolio management, contact the Tenant Advocates at Thrive Commercial on 0432 771 275 or book a free call at

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